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A bright show performer combined with a laser show to create the event
  • Renew your laser and fireworks shows with a very spectacular show combining both outdoor laser projection and artistic and musical light performers. Mazeevents has designed a new number offering a bright event universe!

    Best event management company in chennai has created a integrating a whole musical and dancing light environment.

    This show is aimed at different audiences and for a wide variety of occasions.

    We can thus design a tailor-made show for:

    – cities and other local communities wishing to renew their laser show. Or even offer an alternative to classic fireworks.

    – companies which organize a virtual event and wish to offer a festive moment adapted to the constraints of distance

    – companies wishing to recreate links and organize a festive event for their employees

    – shopping centers wishing to liven up their sales areas in the evening …

    Organize a laser show

    The  Mazeevents takes on a magical luminous character conducive to dreams and imagination. Its colorful volumetric universe in movement lends itself perfectly to the context of organizing shows for the general public.

    Densified by smoke, lasers thus create a unique volumetric effect. This unprecedented show will transport your audience to a very eventful luminous universe.

    The laser beams can be coupled with the projection of images, logos or texts to create an exceptional 3-dimensional spectacle. 

    The location of the laser show must be selected with care to create truly spectacular effects.

    To offer a qualitative show, consider a laser show duration of 12 to 15 minutes.

    A musical accompaniment, created according to the theme of your event and the desired atmosphere, gives rhythm to the show and the laser effects.

    Organize an outdoor event show

    A laser show and its many colorful volumetric effects can be implemented over a period of 25 minutes if it is associated with another visual show.

    Indeed if you want to offer a laser show beyond 12 to 15 minutes, it is important to combine it with another visual spectacle. in order to retain all of its impact and appeal to the public.

    Mazeevents event agency, has set up a real light show around the laser show to create a magical visual universe. And provide the public with a memorable experience that they will broadcast live on social networks, thus giving your event virality and notoriety.

    Bright performers

    We have designed a parade of light and fire around 6 extravagant characters.

    A fabulous Diva accompanies you for a heavenly ballad. Surrounded by magical characters and creatures of light, she brings forth new stars, new worlds …

    These acrobats from across Earth dance on the Milky Way and juggle comets in a ballet of stars

    The moving and stationary performances end with a final with proximity pyrotechnics and fire manipulation.

    Add an artistic touch to your events thanks to our duo of luminous dancers. 

    We can personalize the display by adding your logo or any other message.

    In addition to digital dresses, these two professional dancers offer tutus and led hoops as well as light bolas.

    They are also able to do shows on light stilts or choreographies with fire and fans.

    Different formulas are offered, from welcoming customers to dancing performances.

    Light robot show

    The giant led robots have a very visual character because they are all in light.

    Due to their great luminosity, they are perfect for nocturnal and festive atmospheres.

    LED robots are perfect for musical event evenings. In fact, although they are giant, they are nonetheless very flexible. This allows them to evolve to the rhythm of the music.

    Luminous musical entertainment

    We also integrate a light fanfare into our laser show and light performer.

    Our sparkling LED musicians will enliven your event to the sound of their percussion rhythms with their light effects! 

    It’s a real entertainment for your audience both visually and musically.

    Design your next event

    You want to amaze your audience with a new event format.

    We suggest you design a tailor-made show adapted to your different constraints, your audience and the space you have available.

    Do not hesitate to consult us.

    Event management companies in chennai , is at your disposal to create a very personalized event show.



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