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Arts Open House 2019
  • 22 march

    Holy hell. Holy cow. Holy whatever. Last time I was this exhausted was maybe seven years ago, a thousand miles away, in my high school camp.

    I joined maybe a hundred other doomed fellow students in moving lecture chairs from the fourth floor to the second. Exhausted was actually an understatement. I had lifted and carried at least 500 chairs I guessed, and that was obviously so not fun. When you have to do the same thing over and over again you start to enter the autopilot mode. I had no idea how long it lasted, but I guessed I had been abusing my arm muscles for at least 2 hours without any break.

    I did not sign for that. But I wouldn't say I hate it. I haven't exercised for a week and this made me feel a tad bit better about myself. Yo, at least that's 500 calories burned. Not too bad, huh.

    We stayed at the faculty until 10 pm or so. We prepared the booth, prepared out content, prepared out translation postbox. Someone ordered pizza for us. We ate it and we decided to order fried chicken. We didn't know that fried chicken could be that delicious.

    I walked home with two other students. I had not got any chance to really talk to them until tonight. They were really nice. 

    Life ain't that bad, maybe.

    23 march

    Ow. Do I really have to wake up this early?
    Ow, shit. My arms. Can't even reach my face.
    Hell, here we go. Probably another exhausting day. But it's my duty.

    Ow, shit. Why are there so many people here. Heads everywhere. People are loud. My voice is so weak. Okay I'll shout now. How to shout without appearing rude or too serious. Or how to project my voice. Ow, sore throat. Ow, where the hell is my voice. Ow, I'm hungry. But no one leaves for food so I shouldn't. Wow, this kid is so, so, so so good at translating. Those kids are fantastic at what they are doing. My friend is trying her best and she is doing a very very good job.

    Everyone in this room is working hard, but they are smiling. The smiles never fade from their faces.
    I'm working hard, I'm tired, I'm hungry.
    But I'm super duper happy.

    But ouch, my arms. Now my back hurts too.

    Finally home. Missing my international gaming friends. Gonna join them just to day hello.

    Me: Hello
    An internet friend: I get one hello from you everyday

    End of the conversation. I miss them still.

    24 march

    Ow. Here we go. Election, then back to the faculty.
    Oh, no queue? Great. Then why did I have to wake up so early.

    Not that many people here. Wait. Okay that's a lot. Wow.

    Now it's my turn to be the translator. Trying my best to translate everything. Hm. Okay a pile done. Wait what the hell, I thought I took like 3 mins and now there are like twenty more in front of me. Slow the hell down dudes. Really want to impress everyone even thought I'm not as good a translator as the kid who did this yesterday but hell, I tried. 

    Oh, so some do like my translation? You like my translation? You think what I wrote is clever and funny? Hell. Can I hug you. Thanks. Thank you. That makes me feel so good.

    Sometimes I wonder why people put things in the machine and refuse to take them back. Yo, I put all of my effort in doing that. I'm sad. But you won't know I'm sad because I'm an AI after all.

    Ate at a hotpot restaurant with a part of the team. I really like us all. We are so damn good. We did so fine.

    Walked home with a freshman and discovered at the very last minute that he does not remember my name after all this time. I mean it's been 2 weeks we've been working together so something. I don't know if this says more about me or him. It's sad, but also funny.

    Maybe life is not bad after all.



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