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  • She was here again, same ol’ October.

    She called and asked me what were my plans, and I said, “What.”

    ‘It’s October! The Month! The Month! Don’t you understand what that means?’

    “It’s the tenth month of the year.”

    ‘You mirthless child. October is full of motivation! And magic! The month is electric. How can you stand not doing anything, not participating?’

    I smiled at the excitement in her voice. “What’s there to do then?”

    ‘You are totally trolling me.’

    “What gave you that impression? I’m being painfully honest right now.”

    A long, loud exhalation. ‘Ask me then.’

    I didn’t need to ask her what she was referring to. “Okay. What’s your fantastic inspirational plan for the great October?”


    Well. Did I have any other choices? “Inktober?”

    ‘That’s one of them. There’s more.’

    “Making as much pumpkin-themed food as possible?”

    ‘That’s actually… Give me a sec-‘ There was a clothes rustling sound following with pen on paper scratching. This dork. ‘Okay, what else?’

    “Becoming a pumpkin carving state champion?”

    ‘Interesting, but haven’t really planned about that this year.’

    “Come on, I-“

    There was a bark. And then another. Wait- I took the phone away from my ear, and there it was, a faint woof. Holy shit. I yanked my bedroom door open and ran downstairs.

    “Dude what the fuck?”

    That black front door looked different from yesterday, and the day before that.

    ‘No need to be so loud.”

    “No way.”

    My heart was doing a crescendo, I almost didn’t catch her answer.

    ‘Yeah way. You know, I’m on a journey in search of my-‘

    I opened the door.

    “-inspiration.” She put her phone away and grinned. “Linked.”

    I could only stare. And maybe also smiling stupidly. That sounded cliché, but please forgive me. It was only half my fault. “You are unbelievable.”

    “I know.” That was when I noticed the thing in her hand. Really? I made sure my eyes conveyed that sentiment.

    “Come on,” she nudged my arm, “trick or treat?”

    “It’s October third,” I said matter-of-factly.

    “Yeah, so? If you’re worried about the missing one, I’m here now, aren’t I?”

    “Oh, jeeeeez.” I pulled her in and shut the door.

    “But come on, trick or treat?” She scanned through my shelves and picked one out. “I’m borrowing this.”

    “Right, um, trick.”

    “I already tricked you.”

    I closed my eyes for three seconds. “Why do I put up with you?”

    “You’re going to have to treat me then. Let’s go to your kitchen.” She placed the paperback on my desk, and walked past me to the door. I was eye rolling at her back when she stopped just outside the room, and turned back to face me.

    With her cheeks dimpling, she said, “And you know why.”

    I followed her down the stairs.


    She was right.



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