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  • She was the science one between the two of us. I used to love science, but after a bad experience with a science teacher in 7th grade, science began to become that old friend who I didn’t really understand anymore. You could say that, science and me, we rarely talked after that.

    She loved science. I loved that she loved science. It was fascinating to witness that familiarity between them. Her eyes literally lit up when she talked about anything science-related. Come to think of it, everything is science-related.

    We were talking about gravity, and I let out an incorrect science sentence. She helped me correct it, and educated me a bit more regarding the subject. “Thank you,” I typed back. “I’m not even trying to find any trace of physics in my brain capacity. We parted ways long ago.”

    I could picture her smiling, typing an answer, something nice and cute and funny. But before she could finish typing and hit ‘send’, I quickly added, “But hey. Actually.”

    She waited for me to hit ‘send’.

    “I will never completely forget it.”


    “Because you are the trace of physics in my brain capacity.”



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