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  • One day, she tweeted a picture of her delicious-looking basil pesto spaghetti with the caption saying: "I made too much!" I couldn't help but mention her, "You need to feed me then."

    The reply came within 31 seconds. "Come here and I'll let you have it."

    I thought she was kidding at first, but I should've known better. She was not the one to say these things lightly. She dm'd me, "I was serious. Come to my house."

    It suddenly occurred to me that I never knew where she lived, or which country she was in. She could've been in Korea, for all I knew. I didn't even know how old she was. "Where are you?"

    Turned out she lived just a town away. Shit.

    "Are we really doing this?"

    "What? You chicken out now?"

    Well, I didn't care what she thought about me, but I felt like I should make it looked like I want to meet her, too. "Def no I'm in Walsh" I told her, and we planned on the date: 22nd of October. It was a Saturday. Two weeks away. Saturday so I could say I needed to study for my tests if I wanted to go home early in case things got too awkward.

    I never really meant to go there. There was this last minute excuse in my mind that I could use. She would be upset, and disappointed, but she'd understand. That was one of the reasons I liked her.

    When the 22nd rolled around, I found out that I was too ready to go. My bag was packed, I decided to take some books that she hadn't got the chance to read with me, as well as a couple of stupid handmade gifts. I was too excited, and this alarmed me.

    I almost backed out because of this unfounded excitement, but in the end, I backed my mom's vios out of the garage with my heart in my throat. It would be too stupid, and I knew I would regret it later if I didn't do this.

    So I drove for an hour (and a half because I took the wrong left) and stopped in front of a white mediocre house. I didn't really know what I'd expected, but the picture of her in my head didn't look like it could even be in the same paragraph as mediocre.

    I spent exactly 6 minutes and 33 seconds to get out of the car.

    She was standing in the door way, waiting for me. Fuck. This was so awkward already. I silently begged for a do-over. Started again at the save point in the car. But I couldn't, so instead I said, "Hey," and waved. My movements were so stiff.

    She laughed, a nervous laugh. "God, you made me nervous." Wow. Ha ha. "Come in," she told me, and led me through her front door.

    I said hi to her dad. "Mom's on a business trip," she explained unnecessarily, before moving to the stairs. "Up we go." To her bedroom probably.

    When we nearly reached her bedroom, and I knew this because there was a giant solar system poster stuck on its door, she turned to me and said, "You're not really talkative in person."

    "Well," I tried maintaining eye contact, "Thought I came here to eat?"

    She rolled her eyes and laughed again. "Gosh, all right." She opened her bedroom door. "That's more like it."

    I tried not to smile, but she noticed it anyway.

    In the end, we ate her basil pesto pasta with her father at 7 pm, and then I had to call my own mother and told her that she didn't have to wait for me tonight. She asked me three times if I was sure and I said yes the three times. Eventually, she sighed, "See you tomorrow, okay?"

    "Yes, ma'am," was my answer, and then we walked side by side through the narrow hallway up to her bedroom because we'd just watched Paranormal Activity 3 and neither of us wanted to be the one walking at the back.

    This first encounter was a bit anticlimactic, I guessed. Her house wasn't as cool or hippy as I thought it would be. Her room was plain but full of chaos. She wouldn't be able to find her remote if it wasn't for me. When I asked her where was the tabby cat, she just shrugged and confessed that it was her friend's.

    "Oh, so you have other friends?"

    "Of course, I do," she said as she scrolled down the list on the screen in search for another interesting horror. "They don't get to come into my room and watch Paranormal Activity 3 with me though."

    I shifted for a more comfortable position under the duvet, and settled against the pillow. "Sure."

    I reached out, and I smiled to the left side of her face

    Because this time, my hand touched hers.


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