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  • We were having dinner and I said something and she was watching me and suddenly she put a finger to her lips and went, "Shh."

    I went on saying whatever nonsense I was talking about and then:

    She feigned a straight face. A finger to her lips. "Shhh."

    I kept talking. Those eyes again, glittering. "Shhh."

    I crossed my arms, put my index finger and thumb at my mouth, and drew them from one corner to the other, mimicking the action of zipping.

    She nodded.

    I started talking again.

    Those eyes again, twinkling, and then, "Shhhh,"  and I didn't know what was the difference between this shh and last shh, but all of a sudden she was too cool for me to handle. It came out of nowhere. The littlest of moments​ that meant nothing for other people but affected me so much. I didn't know how she did that.

    "Don't you shh me," I said, smiling, and didn't tell her that that last shhhh made my heart do a little bit of skipping.


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