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  • (Wed 23 May, 2018 - Vocabulary)

    Article : 'Call Of Duty' Director Puts His Sights On Tom Hardy and Chris Pine

    Vocabulary :

    1. occasional (adj.) infrequent, periodic, intermittent
    • In summer, we pay occasional visit to our relatives in the suburbs.
    • Despite her occasional appearance in film industry, her popularity still arises.

    2. be (only) a matter of time (idiom) something will be happening soon
    • It is only a matter of time before I get a new job.
    • Knowing that they have been enduring it for so long, it is only a matter of time until they finally separate.

    3. move forward with (idiom) to advance with something, to make progress with something
    • We hope that we can move forward with this new project at a fast pace.
    • The foundation is moving forward with funding plan for school improvement.

    4. at the helm (idiom) in control, in a position of leader
    • Despite team's many consecutive failures, he still remains a the helm until next year.
    • Our company will be the first in petrochemical industry to be at the helm of this advertising campaign.

    5. go out of one's way (idiom) to make special effort to help someone
    • I would like to thank my boss who really went out her way to help me get promoted.
    • It was very kind of her to go out of her way to get us this opportunity.

    6. commend (v.) praise, compliment
    • The CEO always finds a chance to officially commend the staff for their good performance.
    • She was commended for her creativity after her plan was implemented and had successful results.

    7. lovefest (n.) an expression or exchange of goodwill, praise, or affection
    • The lovefest began with he talking about his favorite actor in the recent movie.
    • The closing of this event has turned into a lovefest as they cannot stop complimenting each other.

    8. reverential (adj.) respectful, admiring, devout
    • He always gazed at his mentor in reverential awe.
    • Fan still mentioned their stage in near reverential tone.

    9. somewhat (adv.) to some degree, quite, slightly, a little
    • I used to be in the same situation and can relate somewhat, but her case slightly depends on the manager's decision.
    • He seems somewhat tired after the debate.

    10. storyline (n.) a plot
    • Perhaps, we need to admit that the series have never been known for their strong storyline so that we can find the plot hole.
    • The storyline of her film will be presented to the studio by next month.



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