My First StoryJohn Richard
How To Improve Quality Of Life?
  • As science and technology continue to develop and evolve, our quality of life never ceases to stop improving Sesame blooms- one new level adding itself to its predecessor. the same happens to our daily life with more colours and spices.

    Therefore we say science and tech have transformed our lives, in one way or another, respectively.

    In archaic times, to deliver messages, people replied upon written letters enclosed in envelopes handed over to postmen, then to recipients. Yet nowadays, unprecedentedly earth-shattering transformations have take place to methods of information dissemination and communications. such as people communicating via emails and / or telephones, which have made communications among people so fuss-free. We can see the brightly smiling curves on my grandpa's face thanks to these amazing technologies, behold, he's using his cellphone to schedule a Taichi session at the park with his friends! Whenever he does so he will say this with a cheerful smile, " nowadays science and technology has evolved so enormously that we old men have got cellphones for elders!" Yes, such model of smartphone features large sized digits(and fonts), with clear volume of sounds. As a Chinese proverb said, " a man rarely outlives 70 years old." Yet nowadays surviving the age of 80s no longer remains a rarity.

    People used wood fuel to bake and cook food in the past which produced a lousy taste and scorched smells. But nowadays people widely used electric pressure cookers and microwaves, look! My grandma is using a pressure cooker right now, in the meantime, she says to me, " Such a handy cooker, thanks to its high tech !" Yay, we've managed to reduce the total amount of time we spend on cooking from an hour to just several dozens of minutes, and the tastes got a lot better, with breath-taking fragrance, ever since we bought this baby.

    Presently, we have such blessing to live in this brand new era, science and technology blossom in such a bright and spectacular fashion as never before. I believe we shall even have a more fruitful and promising future and as long as we foster our love for science and keenness to learn science, never fret from taking challenges when it comes to exploring the pinnacles of science and technology.


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