my own trackswatamug
Track I

  • It's raining outside
    I'm sitting at the edge of the balcony
    Thinking about how we met
    'I love you' can't express from all the bottom of my mind
    but my heart is fulfilled to the top almost out of the edge

    There's nowhere but everywhere you're with me
    you are seeing me at night once a year
    I go all the way to keep my eyes on you
    you seem to be happy and thankful that I came too
    but out of the blue you were gone
    leaving me alone in the room till dawn

    Please don't go anywhere, stay here and be safe
    I want to listen and watch you from far away
    and hug you tight at the same time
    but you'll never let me
    let me love you the way I do
    cause I'm a stranger to you now
    a stranger you never met


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