(OS) Sunset
  • Title: Sunset

    Pairing: Fujiwara Shuu/Takehaya Seiya

    The smell of dead leaves, freshly cut glass, and sunset.

    How is the smell of sunset?

    Well, it smells like Seiya.

    — lukewarm, mildly bright, and easy on the eye.

    A so-called young prince like him can have everything he wants — fame, spotlight, money — whatever he wants he can get it easily just like snapping his fingers, but the truth is he can’t have the only one thing that he really, truly, madly wants.

    He can’t have Seiya.

    Seiya who always looks up to Minato.

    Seiya who always does everything for Minato’s sake.

    And Shuu hates to know these facts.

    The fact that he has never been just a little scattered part in Seiya’s life.

    He reminisces to the day he met Seiya at the end of the preliminaries. There were dead leaves, freshly cut grass, and sunset. The sky was painted in the various shades of pastel pink, pale blue, and beautiful orange. The familiar figure gradually emerged from behind the tree. 

    There he was.

    Takehaya Seiya.

    Shuu was speechless for a while. The first thing that came to his mind was Seiya. Just only his name that came out of his mouth. 

    “Is that you, Seiya”

    Why does his name sound so distant? as if it has never been said for a long time. 

    Sure is, it has never been said for a long time.

    Because Shuu isn’t strong enough to call out his name again after letting him go easily like Seiya is nothing but just a casual friend who comes and goes.


    Such an idiot, Shuu.

    Hearing Seiya talked about Minato over and over again was like replaying the same old video tape. You know how it started and how it ended and Shuu had enough of it.

    “Seiya, I want to ask you something”

    “Why did you go to Kazemai”

    Yes, just told him why the hell Seiya left him alone.

    Did Seiya ever miss him?

    Did Seiya forget about everything they had done together?

    So many questions popped up in his mind but only a poker face and a distant voice came out of his mouth.

    “Why? To bring Minato back to archery”

    After the name “Minato,” Shuu was black out and everything came from his mouth sounded so hateful and cruel. 

    “Why don’t you stop chasing Minato already?”

    “You can’t keep up with him anymore, anyway”

    “Because you don’t love archery”

    He just wanted to tell Seiya to stop chasing Minato and looked back to him.

    That was Shuu wanted to say in that day.

    However, It was too late.

    He already broke Seiya’s heart and feelings.

    The heart that never has the name of “Fujiwara Shuu" craving on it. 

    After that incident, Seiya still smiles at him just the same. That lukewarm smile he likes the most. Seiya still gives him the same feeling. That warm and comfortable feeling he likes the most. 

    But in deep down Shuu knows the best.

    He knows that the distance between Seiya and him is farther away.

    Because those calm eyes go blank and melancholy every time it turns to his way.

    The smell of dead leaves, freshly cut glass, and sunset.

    How is the smell of sunset?

    Well, it smells like Seiya.

    — lukewarm, mildly bright, and ready to say goodbye.



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