Direct and indirect speechesJittanan Yodthong
Reflection about the course
  • In the beginning, I worried about learning GEN61-129 and this is the reason why I felt like that. First of all, I was not good at English and I knew it because I never saw the importance of English at that time but nowadays English is becoming the global language. Learning in this course made me want to develop my English level more. There were sometimes that I could not understand what the teacher said but that did not mean that the teacher was not good but just because I could get disturbing easily, so I could not focus on what the teacher was saying anymore. But that is not a big problem because I know that the teacher tried to teach students to understand everything with his best. He always uses simple words that we can understand. Due to the kindness of the teacher, makes me want to study harder. I would like to say thank you teacher Tano for teaching me this semester. I was glad to have this section and I really appreciate that. We also want to apologize that sometimes we talked loudly and acted like a child. I am confident that the teacher had made my English ability increased. In the future, I will still continue to develop my English. I promise.



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