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Types of Writing
  • There are only four basic types of writing: literary, expository, informative, and narrative. Each of these styles is employed for a different purpose. Some people will use a mixture of all four of these different styles when writing a manuscript. Here's a look at the four types of writing and why some authors choose to use them in their writing.

    Expository writing is the most common type of literary writing. It consists of information that is factual but does not provide a clear summary or explanation of the topic at hand. The information presented here is mostly intended to be understood by an audience. This style of writing is usually written to inform, provide information, or persuade a reader to take action. Expository writing is often combined with descriptive writing because it provides information but doesn't actually tell a story.

    Persuasive writing is very similar to expository writing except it is more descriptive. It is designed to influence the reader, convince them to take a particular action or to hold the reader accountable for an action they took or didn't take. If you are writing a persuasive article for an author resource box or blog post to promote your book, you can use this type of writing to effectively convince the reader to read your article or visit your website.

    Descriptive writing is one of the oldest forms of writing. It includes a series of facts to support a particular point. This type of writing also includes an author's opinion about a subject. While the writer is usually using facts to support their point, the writer's opinion may be expressed as an opinion instead of a fact.

    Narrative writing is the most popular type of writing because it allows the writer to have complete control over their story and the entire writing process. They can change their story to fit the needs of the reader and can even make up parts of their story if they feel like they have to.

    In the end, all writers have a desire to see their work become known. They want to know that the work of their hands is being seen and enjoyed by others.

    All of the above writing styles are popular types of writing. But each author has their own style that they prefer and utilize while writing their own piece of literature.

    The choice of which specific style of writing you will choose will depend on what your goals are. Be sure to think about it carefully when you're writing.

    One thing to consider when choosing a style of writing is to consider the length of your piece. Most books are written in different styles of writing depending on the topic and length. If your goal is to sell a book, you need to choose a style that is both easy for a reader to understand and that will get the point across clearly.

    When you decide to write a novel or short story, you have more freedom to do what you want to do. However, it's important to remember that the book you write should be interesting enough so that your reader wants to keep reading.

    When you decide to write articles, you are limited by the topic you write on and the length of time you have to write on your piece. You need to be clear, precise, and to the point when writing articles that will reach the targeted audience.

    Many people write short posts for their blogs or for their own websites so they use these types of writing styles to publish their works on the internet. However, online articles are generally much more general in nature so they tend to not be very interesting unless your topic is a niche.

    In order to be sure your content is appealing to your audience, you need to make sure you are targeting your article or post properly. You can do this by using sub-types of writing. Sub-types can include your audience and the type of audience you're writing for.




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