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  • SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, which is the methodology of strategies, tactics, and techniques to grow the user traffic of a website and place it on the highest ranks of the search engine result page.

    SEO is important for every Digital Marketer and website owners. Why? The reason is that it allows your site to appear in the search result when someone searches for the query related to what you aim. SEO helps to make your search engine result relevant to the users search term so that your website link get more click when it is shown on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

    Talking about the trends of SEO in the year 2020, we can say that it is the most crucial year for SEO due to many reasons. There are many new innovations and industries stepping into the Digital Marketing world from Virtual / Augmented Reality to Artificial Intelligence, we will witness some massive changes in our work as Search Engine Optimizers.

    1. Voice Search ("OK Google")
    In 2018, it was said that "By 2020, 30% of all the websites session will be carried out without a screen". Now, it turns out that the voice-only search is going to change the Google search trend and becoming more popular. This year, 50% of all internet searches will be conducted through voice. It is high time that the SEO content must adapt to this new trend to stand out in the current search world.

    2. Influencers Should Be Leveraged for SEO
    Hiring an influencer to promote your business is going to help you reach the top of the competition and drive more traffic to your website. If you will be investing in influencer marketing, your web site's ranking is also going to boost along with brand awareness of any fashion, marketing or academic website like coursework help UK.

    3. Video Content Optimization
    Video content will excel all other content forms with consumption beyond 85%. There will be basic video aspects used in SEO such as channel keywords will be used to drive traffic and using appropriate keywords into the description and headline of your videos. We will be also working on the channel subscribers to claim the vanity URL.
    More important trends for 2020 are
    · Technical SEO
    · Search Intent
    · CTR becoming an important ranking factor
    · Mobile Indexing
    2020 will be an exciting year, not just for Search Engine Marketing, but for the entire Digital Marketing Industry as interesting updates are going to happen.



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