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Importance of Carpet Cleaning
  • If the carpets are not kept in good cleaning and disinfection conditions, they cause, among other things, very adverse effects to those provided with their installation:

    Unpleasant odors: the cleaning of carpets is essential because they are elements woven with synthetic fibers, vegetables, wool or cotton, and with the exception of those totally in synthetic fibers, in general, absorb, like all fabrics, any kind of dirt deposited by pollution, drag, spills, vapors and fumes. Carpeted floors are imbued with ambient odors such as sweat, tobacco, food, moisture or the presence of animals. The carpet should be cleaned regularly to remove all the organic dirt, dust and other waste that generate bad odors.
    Feeling uncomfortable: Taking up much of the visible space on the floor, dirty or stained carpeting conveys the idea that furniture and all elements are also free of cleaning and disinfection, even if not.


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