• I am jolted up by this excruciating pain in my mouth. I lay awake in my room trying to push my tongue against this small right tooth. God,it feels so hurtful like someone is poking a needle inside of it. I know I should go see the dentist ages ago but I am scared of just going out at all.Few minutes have passed of me playing with my decayed tooth and more blood is coming. I am starting to like this. I have felt numb for months now and may be this is the only way I can feel anything at all. 

    Damn, why am I crying? Is it because of the pain or the fact that I am just this depressed? Some part of the tooth is coming off now. It falls right down on my tongue. I keep pushing at it until the whole thing comes off. Blood splashes over my mouth and I am choking on my own blood and saliva. I can taste the iron in the back of my throat. I can choose to get up now or die in this pitiful way. 

    Oh, what will people say if they know I die because of the decayed tooth? I smile to myself thinking even if I am to die, I still want to die as a people pleaser. With that ridiculous thought in mind, I get up and the whole cavity in my mouth starts to hurt really bad. I walk myself to the bathroom and look at the mirror. My eyes are wide open as all of my teeth are beginning to fall off piece by piece. One breaks after another, falling down onto the bathroom’s sink. 

    I cry and cry and cry and cry until I actually wake up from this horror. I lay awake in my bed pushing my tongue against the tooth. Nothing happens. Everything is fine.Everything is fine…



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