Parasite (2019)

  • ‘Yes, life is unfair but Parasite portrays and underlines that inequity in the most fascinating way’

    Parasite, the latest showpiece by Bong Joon Ho, tells a story of a stony-broke, low-life family of Ki Woo comprising of the father (Ki-taek), the mother (Chong-sook), the sister (Ki-Jung) and Ki Woo himself. The turning point begins when Ki Woo’s friend, Park introduces him to a golden opportunity as an English tutor for a wealthy family’s daughter. The intensity has started to escalate after Ki Woo managed to inveigle the family and earn his role in the house.

    From a non-critic nor a moviegoer’s point of view, Parasite undoubtedly deserves the title of ‘the best movie of the year’ with its flawless performance, mind-blowing plot twist and ironic yet realistic story which is easy to understand. Bong Joon Ho revolves around one of the most controversial topics among capitalism in this case ‘the inequality between social classes’. The issue is told in the most subtle and attention-grabbing way. Every single detail in the movie sophisticatedly reflects the problem and will leave you overwhelmed. Aside from the topic, the story itself is unpredictable because just when you think it couldn’t get any more surprising, it does. Every character was sharply shaped with their own backstory. The cherry on the cake is the well-executed performances by the cast which completed the work. The cinematography of the film suits the mood and tone of the story. By using close-up and linear shots, it impressively helps to stir and keep up audiences’ emotions. Not only the cinematography but the backdrops also play a pivotal role and accent the gap between the poor and the wealthy. Another point that cannot be neglected is the soundtracks in the movie which tantalize audiences with their brilliant classical tempo.

    In conclusion, Parasite is one sardonic — comical movie full of thrilling twists. Among international films, it definitely is a stellar masterpiece that will leave a mark on your mind.



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