May we stay lost on our way homelocationunkn0wn
05 - ผี
  • shapeless, odourless, shadowless
    yet you feel its presence;
    every existing memories metamorphosising into
    a wretched scar

    emerging, fading, reoccurring
    the vicissitudes of love -
    the ups so intoxicating, the downs so 
    suffocating like taking a breath in
    a bottomless ocean

    longing, echoing, haunting
    an empty house is not a home
    the no-more of goodnight kisses causing
    a pain so sharp,
    no knives could ever measure

    endless, immersive, immense
    the traces of your goodbye forming
    a bond so eternal,
    a hole so permanent

    shapeless, odourless, shadowless
    the ghost of missing you


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