Freedom of speech is human rights
  • the political matter in thailand has never only been political, since it involves the matter of life and death after all these years: there were activists and civilians who were forced to disappear just because they ran a movement demanding for political change from military junta, thus can not waste my voice and stay silent after seeing fellow human beings’ lives got violated.

    at this point, im not being political, i am being human.

    growing up learning that many people in thailand perceived the disappearance of those who speak up as normal, it’s conflicted with everyone’s basic human decency, i believe yet the question is what make their human condition so hopeless to learn such hopelessness?

    it might be uncomfortable talking about this matter, i, myself also sometimes, most of the time even, but please do not be a part of normalizing the violation of basic human rights and such inhumanity.
    your voice, your social media platforms; it all can cause awareness more or less yet better than nothing.

    freedom of speech is human rights.
    those who choose to remain silent is an accomplice.

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