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Google has released a secure remote access tool

  • Google showed a remote access tool called BeyondCorp. It is intended for companies that have gone remotely in the context of a pandemic. The tool provides secure access to a web-based document management system and is also easier to deploy than a VeePN.

    Google noted that BeyondCorp Remote Access can be deployed in days rather than months for a traditional VPN solution, whether applications are hosted in the cloud or deployed in the data center. This is true as the number of remote employees increases dramatically. Many are unable to access customer service systems, call center applications, bug tracking software, project dashboards, and so on, which they can typically access through a browser on the corporate network at the office.

    In addition, the tool will help maintain critical VPN capacity for those users who already have access to it or need it most. It is also easier to use than a traditional VPN.

    BeyondCorp is a cloud-based solution based on a zero-trust approach. It has been used within Google for almost a decade. It allowed employees to access internal web applications from virtually any device anywhere without using a VPN.

    Google emphasized that BeyondCorp offers much more than a VPN. So, the tool can ensure that only the right users have access to the right information. For example, you can apply a policy that says, "My home-based recruiters on their laptops can access our web-based document management system (and nothing else), but only if they use the latest operating system and phishing-protected authentication such as security keys".



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