while away VerseK.
Fortunately, We didn't tell each other 'see you tomorrow'.

  •                                      Fortunately, We didn't tell each other 'see you tomorrow'.

    One of railway stations in London
    We had known each other just for two hours and disappeared from each other for unpredictable times
    All I know about her was;
    She's interesting
    She's so kind and cute when she laugh with my clumsy experiences that I told her
    I talked too much when I was with her
    She has one white vanilla-colored woven handbag beside her and Her emerald shining eyes stand out in her face
    I saw her train ticket, it's written 'Marrakech Express /Destination - Morocco'.
    I think of her olive dress that waves slightly by the summer wind

    left seat on the train
    She put her handbag beside her before she lean her head to the window
    some hot wind she feel
    close her eyes for a while
    That woman who sat beside me on the bench at the station is very funny
    I guess that she doesn't organize her things well
    She's a little bit like serious person, behaving like everything surrounding her is mess which in fact it's not: she's funny

    she has a lot of stories..
                I would like to listen more..

    At the station
    It is already dusk
    I'm still here standing beside the bench
    My thought scatter in my mind, it has happened since previous hour    

    olive color is pictured again and again in my mind
    There is flickered light flicker inside me
    And with what on earth that I don't know, I quickly walk to ticket counter in the station

    "One London-Morocco please"     

    On the train
    She have seen the paper in her hand for long hour
    How can a woman be so clumsy to stumble on her own shoes during crossing the road for three times connectedly
    She laugh suddenly when her thought move from the texts in paper to one girl
    She keep the paper in her handbag
    Her heart feel warm
    That conversation
    I feel like it was a new thing for me or maybe...my long-wished thing 
    my long-wished thing

    Many things including the times pass around but it not tomorrow yet
              What one doesn't know and one knows is
    the texts on that piece of paper

                      'last surgery tomorrow XXXhospital'

    See you again tomorrow
    see you


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